Both Normandy regions (Upper and Lower) are full of Castles (=Chateau). The wealthy French built many castles here during the years, often trying to outdo each other in architecture. Here you'll find Chateau, Manoir (Manors), and Fortress.

Most castles are still in private hands, but often the owners allow occasional visits. Some organize visits of the castle grounds, while others open the castle doors several weekends per year. Several have been converted into Hotels.

Below you'll find an ever expanding list of castles. If we've our own detailed information and photos, you'll be able to click on the castle name to see the additional information. If the castle has its own website, you can click on the name to visit their site. Or click on the icon to have a new window open with more photos and information. If there's the word "(Approx.)" next to the GPS coordinates, it means the location is within a kilometer or so of the long/lat.

You can click on the Google Earth logo to the left of the town to see the satellite location. Or you can load all the castles in one go by clicking on the logo below:
Upper Normandy Castles

NOTE: We're still working on this section, so at times it might not work.... bear with us. There are currently 98 castles on-line.

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 Chateau de Brecourt 

 Type: Hotel Restaurant
  Location: Douains
  Closest: Rouen
  Built: Louis XIII
  Visit: Yes
  GPS: N49 02 49.3 E1 25 25.5

Remarks: A 30 room hotel with swimming pool, on 20 hectars of land. The castle is surrounded by a moat.
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